Mon, 28 Sep 2009

Lguest?! Really?

So, New York Times covered Sandia National Labs's using a million virtual machines to research botnets. I saw something fly by on slashdot, but didn't pay any attention.

Then a couple of IBM research guys sent me an embarrassed mail a few days ago. Senior IBM execs had seen the Sandia press release crediting lguest which "was developed by the research arm of IBM" and were wondering why they'd never heard of it. :)[1]

Upshot is: I always said lguest was a hypervisor research and education tool, but this blew me away! Ron Minnich has been submitting stuff for lguest for a while now, but I assumed he was just idling. Great stuff!

[1] Linux Technology Center is not part of IBM Research, and lguest was just a random hack I did to help some other things I was working on (and probably spent too much time on to justify).
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