Wed, 06 May 2009

libcwiid support for Guitar Hero World Tour Drums

I use libcwiid for my various hacks, and recently I wanted to connect to the GH4 drumkit (which has been documented thoroughly on but I couldn't find any patches. After realizing that the libcwiid project is pretty much abandonware, I imported the SVN into mercurial and hacked in drum support.

The start was the patch for GH guitar identification (found here but it didn't properly implement the new detection scheme. So I cleaned that up first.

The code in general needs some love, and adding support for new devices breaks the ABI and API as it stands, yet that's fairly easy to fix. But I don't really want to adopt YA puppy right now...

So this patch should get you going on the drums! Send me mail if you want support for other devices (the GHWT guitar should be easy), or other patches. If there's enough interest I'll export the repository somewhere.

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