Wed, 14 Jan 2009

libantithread 0.1

Finally, an antithread release!

(You can also download an Ogg Theora Video of each 1% improved frame).

Sometimes we use threads simply because using processes and shared memory is harder. But threads share far too much; libantithread is my solution.

Its in CCAN, and it's at the "useful demonstration" stage. It badly needs a nice load of documentation, but there are two example programs:

  • A simple async DNS lookup engine. We fire off argc-1 antithreads to do the lookups.
  • A more complex generic algorithm example, illustrated above. Random blended triangles try to match a given image.

Simplest is to download the CCAN tarball of everything, do a "make" and then go into ccan/ccan/antithread/examples and "make" there.

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