Sun, 20 Jul 2008

The Joy of linux-next

Sure, linux-next is a useful way of early-detecting patch conflicts with random developers. But the second order effect has been more useful to me: forcing me to get my shit together. Now I regularly publish my patchqueue in a form which applies and compiles, and has clear "production" vs "alpha" demarcation.

Obviously, this is good for people trying to follow various patches (and there are quite a few independent efforts at the moment, including typesafe patches, virtio, lguest, module, tun/tap, stop_machine, kmod-removal and down_trylock removal), but it also makes the arrival of the merge window far less stressful.

In theory, I could have been this organized before. But just like the concept of doing homework long before the deadline, it was never going to happen. So thanks Stephen!

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