Sun, 07 Oct 2007

New Laptop, Clean Start

The three-yearly laptop rotation offers a chance for spring cleaning while wrestling with video and sound (upgrade to Gutsy, easy) and wireless (so far still no packets). So I didn't transfer my package selections or dotfiles. I also changed from Gnome to KDE.

I switched to Evolution years ago to handle (IBM-internal) Lotus Notes meeting invitations. Yet it has ongoing problems indexing mail reliably. It occasionally complains it cannot sync, and has for years; noone seems to know how to fix it.

Kmail's "Evolution 2.0 Import" hangs: not a good sign, but importing individual mboxes works. And since Amarok has already proven more reliable than Rhythmbox playing AAP (daapd runs on my test box), so switching whole-hog to KDE seemed reasonable.

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