Tue, 03 Jul 2007

Virtualization Minisummit and OLS

In one sense, not much happened at the virtualization minisummit. We got up to speed on what each other are doing and thinking, and we all met face-to-face, including finally meeting Avi Kivity.

In other sense, a great deal happened. By discussing plans with each other, we pushed along various efforts to harmonize (or at least learned what the sticking points are). I hope that we'll look back and see this as the main achievement of the summit.

This trend continued at OLS itself. More people now understand the role of lguest (and coders are excited about having a sandbox to play in). More people are thinking about common virtual I/O, and aware of the virtio effort. KVM portability was plotted (expecially by Carsten Otte pondering an S/390 port). Fruitful.

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