Thu, 07 Jun 2007

Rusty Russell, Techno-diplomat.

ZDnet reports on virtio; the details are light as would be expected, but the description of paravirt_ops as a "techno-diplomatic feat" is certainly how it sometimes felt.

I spent a fair amount of time encouraging a common IRC channel, setting up a patch repository and similar confidence-building measures (like the all-important "who sends the patches?"), but the main breakthrough was at the 2006 Kernel Summit where Christoph Hellwig concentrated minds by bluntly telling the others to stop wasting everyone's time and do paravirt_ops (from my very rough memory). It made me appreciate both Christoph and the Summit a little more.

Of course, having lucked in once, I'm now looking at repeating the trick with virtual I/O. In this case, though, I've got a few virtual I/O implementations under my belt already, so I hope I have more of an idea what I'm getting into...

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