Wed, 13 Dec 2006

lhype progress and virtbench

So I've continued hacking on lhype, interrupted by my move out to the farm. James Morris (who insists on calling it "The Rustyvisor") wrote a quickstart: I'm offline now, but "jamesm rustyvisor" will probably get you there. Now that the paravirt_ops patch is in Linus' tree, it's basically a single (fairly big) patch.

I want to improve lhype, but I decided to do it in a methodical fashion: benchmarking. To that end, I've started on a set of hypervisor micro-benchmarks called virtbench designed to guide my optimizations. To make this work with lhype, however, I need external networking (lhype only has inter-domain networking at the moment), so that's what I'm coding now.

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