Mon, 22 May 2006

Ubuntu "Dapper Drake"

I'm running Ubuntu Dapper Drake beta on my laptop. Evolution still sucks: ended up moving my old mailbox out the way and re-importing small parts of it. It was running out of file descriptors, crashing, freezing. Now I just get lots of "can't sync" messages, dups in mailbox, and had to grab & hack a dup-removal plugin.

Two things have impressed me about the latest Ubuntu release. Neither of these are earth-shattering to anyone else, I'm sure. The first was gnome-xchat has a cool "notify" feature which puts a speech balloon in the corner of the screen when someone talks to me and I'm on a different desktop. Secondly was that (for the first time) I clicked on a bittorrent link to download a movie (Elephants Dream, well-rendered but odd), and it Just Worked.

Overall, it's coming along very nicely. Great work!

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