Tue, 11 Apr 2006

More on Wesnoth

Wesnoth's other two features which stand out to a developer are that it's cross-platform, and leaderless.

Cross-plaform: using SDL makes the Windows-vs-MacOS-vs-Linux issue far less important code-wise, but it turns out that some Windows developers are still using MSVC++ 5.0, which is too old to implement the C++ standard. Well, g++2.95 has issues there, too, but the answer is to upgrade. But the Windows folks point out, that's a $1500 cost for the new version. It's been so long since I had to buy a compiler, I hadn't realized. Ouch!

Leaderless: David White lead Wesnoth up until the release of 1.0, but has since been taking a back seat. The rate of minor changes has picked up significantly, but without a single guiding purpose of a release, or a new vision, there hasn't been a bold new direction. Now, it may well be that polishing and minor enhancements are what the projects need for a while: the new music and images are new scenarios are flowing in. But eventually, someone will come along with a really fresh idea for addition: without someone to lead, will it just die on the vine?

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