Fri, 04 Nov 2005


I installed the Open Source SharpMusique on the weekend (installing the Ubuntu .deb file fine on my Debian unstable system). Two problems: View Album didn't work, so I had no way to buy a whole album, and the song I bought was saved as

" -  - .m4a"
. Played fine under Totem, so I renamed it correctly and bought another. Same deal.

I reported the problem in a comment on Jon Johannsen's blog entry announcing the 1.0 release, and there are now two fixes available in the further comments: a trivial one which fixed the Album problem, and a larger patch (munged from being entered into a comment box) which fixes the name problem.

Rebuilding the deb from the arch repository was non-trivial though, but the 1.0 tarball doesn't have the debian/ subdir. So: grab source as per the web page, using baz, install libtool, run ./, then run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot. You must be online for the ./, as it downloads and unpacks stuff.

Tried to send a donation, but PayPal took away Amex as an option when I got down to setting my country to Australia, and then refused to accept by Visa. Sorry Jon, maybe later.

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