Tue, 07 Jun 2005

Came up with a nasty hack for Wesnoth: creating a .po file from the Italian which also includes English "hints". Here is a shell script which reads in a .po file, and takes the obvious words out of the (English) key and appends it in brackets to the translated version. This provides enough of a hint for me to read the longer sentences is Wesnoth. It makes some sentences overflow though.


"Dopo una lunga camminata il Principe Haldric e i suoi compagni si trovano in "
"una spiaggia assolata. Anche se in casi normali questo creerebbe una "
"situazione di piacere ben presto si accorgono della presenza di Sauri al "
"lavoro. (After long trek Prince and his companions find themselves on sunny "
"beach. While normally this would pleasant occurrence, soon find Saurians "
"hard at work.)"

This hack was inspired by the Slashdot story from January Learning a Foreign Language with The Sims . A better solution would be to break it up by sentences, rather than do the entire dialog at the end. When an English word has been shown some number of times, it would no longer be shown. Mousing over the sentence would give the full English sentence. But this was quick!

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