Sun, 29 May 2005


I patched Wesnoth to label how many enemies can reach each spot in "Show Enemy Moves". I jumped on freenode's #wesnoth channel, and the friendly people there directed me to #wesnoth-dev, and there to the mailing list. Patch sent. The code's not super clean, and C++ is pretty icky, although the my vague memories of the Standard Template Library and some cut & paste got me though.

In other news, I figured out why Wesnoth didn't change languages for me: when you install Debian you specify which locales to build, so running "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and adding Italian fixed it. I'm now playing Wesnoth in Italian (I figure it can't hurt my horrible Italian skills). Reading Italian Wikipedia is beyond me: I can't figure out what an Inkling is!

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