Sun, 29 Aug 2004

Anthony Towns has suggested I should use Blosxom for my blog; various people have asked for RSS feeds and permalinks, so it seems like a reasonable idea. So I looked at it, and there are several problems. The first is that it wants to run on the server, which is a complete waste of cycles: blogs should be generated statically and uploaded. You can run it in that mode, but then it generates broken URLs (I can force it, but all URLs should be relative so I can move my site and it doesn't break) and, mysteriously, gets the time on the entries wrong (no, it's not GMT, either).

Finally, it's aimed at "random thoughts" kind of blogs, not an online diary where the most important thing is the date on which the entry was written. So one entry per file doesn't really make any sense for this page, and a title line doesn't really make sense either. I don't really want to rewrite it, or write my own, so I'm debating what to do. One option is to simply run a script over this diary to produce the Blosxom entries, and generate a "pretty" diary from that. Of course, I like the idea of categories, so I'd have to insert markers in my blog for that.

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