Tue, 18 Dec 2007

linux.conf.au cliquey?

Jeff Waugh notes that "linux.conf.au is also very cliquey", which is an exaggeration (esp. when compared with an invitation-only event), but does contain a grain of truth: although many people come to LCA for the first time every year, there is a core of Old Timers.

So while I don't think anyone is gratuitously excluded from LCA, I do worry about it. Hence we added a less-than-successful optional video submission to the call for papers, to try to reach out to great presenters who weren't well served by the submission process. I'm also running a newcomer's session to ensure everyone feels they have a good handle on the conference before it begins.

I'm certainly not the one to preach about being welcoming and inclusive, but I think it's a laudable goal.

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