Thu, 13 Dec 2007

The foocamp clique?

OK, I've wrestled with this for a while. I've been invited to a Foocamp, but I've always been nervous about cliquiness in Free Software (such as the kernel summit). I have already compromised on topic-specific events like the Virtualization mini-summit, but I wonder.

We second-tier developers often have an instinctive reaction to horde our knowledge ("it was hard to write, it should be hard to read!"). I've consciously resisted this urge, mainly by asking myself "What would Andrew Tridgell do?" (I also suspect that some day this hoarding attitude will become the litmus test for FOSS posers, so am seeking to preemptively fool it).

So am I paranoid? Are invite-only events a necessary evil? Or should I let my curiousity overcome my principles? Hey, maybe one of those web 2.0 types could help me enable comments on my blog...

Note: just noticed it clashes with LCA. No way!

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