Sun, 03 Jun 2007 Submissions with Videos!

There's been some stir about the fact that you are allowed to submit a short video with your LCA talk/tutorial submission this year.

Since LCA doesn't do papers, the main point of being a speaker is to, y'know, speak. What attendees seem to want is to get access to quality information, so on the paper committee we try to judge the product of the interesting stuff the submitter knows and their willingness and ability to convey it. Judging the latter from a written submission is really hard, and we've failed horribly in the past.

As the competition for slots rises (75% reject rate last year), there's mounting pressure to play it safe and just accept the same speakers. But I know we're missing out on some great stuff: how do we give the other speakers a way to show us how great their talk will be? We thought this was an idea which might encourage more, different cool stuff.

Here's my example for an lguest talk, to show how low our expectations are. First take, self-filmed, 40 seconds long: 2MB ogg.

So if you're worried about getting accepted, I'd encourage you to spend 30 seconds telling us about your talk. Thanks!

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