Mon, 14 May 2007

Work life in the country

In three days it will have been six months since my wife and I moved out to the country.

Since then I've done lots of things that I would normally have called a professional in to do. That includes repairing fences, digging ditches, and chopping wood. The bigger things (which do take a professional) take longer out here, which is why my study is still just a large room with a desk in it. But there are grand plans...

Workwise, the move coincided with my desire to get back to some deeper hacking, and it has been very productive. I've also finally read various technical texts: "The Mythical Man Month" (excellent), "Inside the Machine" (good, if a little light for me), "The Psychology of Computer Programming" (thought-provoking) and "Hacker's Delight" (useful, but after the first half, more skimmed than read).

Downsides: 512kbit satellite is slow and not perfectly reliable, 3GB per month isn't enough and I'm not surrounded by my Ozlabian peers. I've finally started going into the office on a fixed day, so everyone knows when they can catch me, but not being able to casually chat about coding is a definite loss.

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