Mon, 19 Feb 2007

Wikipedia, Old Photos and Lguest

So, after my Wikipedia entry was deleted for lack of notability, it was recreated (albeit in a lesser form). I'm not sure if I'm notable or not, but I'm staying out of it.

The reason I blog about it is that the picture is awful:

So I went looking on google for a photo which didn't suck.

Let's start with the bad ones, "The Crucifiction" and "Chipmunk Impression":

I found one which proved that they didn't choose the very worst picture of me for Wikipedia, "The Impending Vomit":

For a trip on the wild side, here is how I look to our Japanese colleagues:

The "Dot Com Boom" and the "What Happened to the Dot Com Boom":

Finally, the two pictures I actually like, "The Bath" and "The Wannabe":

(Thanks to those flikr albums,, the very odd Hacker Pictures, Linux Weekly News and OLS).

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