Tue, 02 Jan 2007

"Five Things" meme from Pia Waugh.

Does someone (who is not on a modem) wants to trace this meme to its source? I guess it wasn't hard to predict that you're on a winner asking bloggers "here, I insist you write about yourself!".

  1. My first contribution to Free Software was a patch to g++.
  2. When I was 25 I took ballroom and latin dance lessons. I found it difficult but rewarding: it's how I met my wife.
  3. I once started a wrapper for g++ called g++-helper to parse and expand the error messages (complete with code examples), but lost the error database in a hard-drive crash and was too demoralized to return to it. (Anyone interested in restarting?)
  4. When I was in primary school, I did ballet. I doubt I was any good.
  5. I am not brilliant, but that is why I love Free Software. I might just enable others who are.

I'd tag Tridge (aka. He Who Has No Blog), Martin Pool, Tony Breeds, Jeremy Kerr and Alli, but they're too cool and vanity-lacking for such a venture...

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