Wed, 13 Dec 2006

Farm Life and The Hacking Environment

So, due to my beautiful wife's horsey nature, we have moved out to a 100 acre farm in the parish of Ballalaba, 8km drive from Major's Creek, 25km drive from Braidwood or 100km from Canberra.

I took two weeks off for the move (was going to be three, but we moved later than expected). Plus time to set up the server (more RAM ordered: 256M is not enough), home network, etc. There's still a lot to be done, in particular we're going to knock out a wall between two rooms upstairs to form a large study. My aim is to have a classic study: bookshelves along the walls, large desk down one end and leather chairs down the other. If I can get a leather-bound edition of the C standard, it'd fit perfectly! Geeks understand immediately what I'm after: David Gibson pointed out that I'll need crossed swords above the fireplace for when my archenemy challenges me to a duel...

Since I'll be spending about 4 days a week in here, I want it to be the perfect hacking environment.

But like everything else in this place, it's a work in progress, and progress out here can be pretty slow. Here's a short list of things which are pending:

  • We're going to see a couple of Labrador pups next week. Alli want to name them Snugglepot and Cuddlepie ("Pot" & "Pie"), I want "C" and "Assembler" (or "inc" and "dec"?)
  • Curtains for the master bedroom, guest bedroom and study are on order to replace the duna covers strung up at the moment.
  • The arena construction is beginning next week: would have been this week but for the rumour of rain.
  • Waiting on the plans for the guesthouse to submit to council.
  • Waiting for rain to compact the soil in the first veggie patch.
  • Waiting for sattelite internet install, and meanwhile waiting for packets to trickle through the modem.
  • Waiting for neighbour to help with repairing the fence where his cows got through.
  • Waiting for builder to get time to knock the study wall down.
  • Waiting for planting season to plant a vast array of trees. This delay is actually useful: I can figure out what I like that grows here.

Still, with all the walking and repairing and no TV, I'm getting fitter. To prevent this from getting out of hand, Alli and I bought ourselves a Nintendo Wii as an early Christmas present.

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