Mon, 09 Oct 2006

Day of LCA Paper Reviews

Went to Sydney to run through the paper and tutorial selections for There was a great deal of blood on the floor by the time we finished: there were only about 30-40 clearly-rejectable papers, and in the end there were at least 4 talks I wanted to see which got cut. Some of the committee saw their own talks rejected, and my tutorial proposal was bumped off to Saturday.

The process wasn't flawless, but the committee were dedicated and generally calm. Their efforts will be more deeply appreciated when people attend the best and deepest talks yet. Leave your laptop behind to avoid missing any talks.

After my previous rant after reviewing some papers by people who didn't seem to understand how high the paper standard for LCA has become, Mary Gardiner posted an excellent guide to what separated the accepted papers from the majority on her blog.

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