Sat, 01 Oct 2005

Kater's Restaurant, Pepper's Manor House Sutton Forest NSW Australia

Fine dining, relaxed, traditional soft lighting. Had to stop Alli licking plate of entree. Warm bread rolls, a coke and a dry ginger ale. Alli had the Goat's Cheese Tart, wrapped in potato with pear jelly and balsamic drizzle, I the Pan Fried Praws with fennel salad, both small appetizers. Alli's main was the Beef (medium) with mashed potato and beans. I had the Crispy Skin Barramundi with asparagus and kipfler potatoes in a light tomato and butter sauce. Both meals standard fine-dining size. A glass of Wynns' blend for Alli and a South Australian Zinfandel for me. Mint icecream between thin chocolate layers, and a cheese platter (blue, brie and cheddar, with crackers quince paste, and sliced pear). Visa and Amex. $161.95
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Bushranger Hotel, Collector NSW Australia

Country atmosphere with recorded music in plain sheltered beer garden. Good pub food, we liked it. Lunch: two cokes and we split a Mixed Grill (steak, lamb, sausage, egg, bacon and chips with tomato chutney), and a Greek Salad. Visa no Amex. $36.60.
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Friendly Inn, Kangaroo Valley NSW Australia

Pub atmosphere, solid food, no surprises. Old solid wooden tables on stone floor at back of pub. Visa no Amex. 2 schooners of Coopers Pale, Chicken Schnitzel with chips and salad, Steak Sandwitch (scotch fillet) with onion marmalade (ie. fried onions). Mostly finished. $36.20
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Sammy's Kitchen, Civic ACT Australia

An old favourite for me, we both thought it was yummy. Noisy, crowded, quick, no tablecloths, licensed and BYO. Visa and Amex. Four of us: Alli had a lemonade, rest had water, Lemon Chicken, Chicken Tempera, Honey Beef, Curry Beef, steamed rice. A little left over. $54.00
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Fri, 16 Sep 2005

Pizzazz Cafe, Kingston ACT Australia

Mid-size cafe with outdoor chairs (only for the brave unless it's summer), our regular breakfast spot. Modern, lots of windows, casual but trendy, licensed. Visa no Amex. Alli had Orange Juice (fresh-squeezed, milkshake-glass), Peppermint Tea and Apple Ricotta Hotcakes with Rhubarb and Berry Compote, and I had a Cappuchino, Orange Juice and Eggs Benedict with Ham. Alli didn't finish hers (last time I had them I didn't either). $40.50.
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Soraya's Thai Restaurant, Queanbeyan NSW Australia

Open just 8 weeks, Alli and I both enjoyed it. Small (but with an outdoor area at the back), modern, tablecloths, simple menus, casual, BYO. Visa, no Amex. Alli had the Mixed Entree and the Pud Thai and a coke, I had the Crispy Fried Won Tons and Vegetable Chilli Jam Stir Fry (labelled Mild, and it was mild-to-medium) and we both took home leftovers. $43.20.
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