Wed, 28 Jun 2006

Circumvention visits: SLUG, HUMBUG and LUV

OK, so on Friday 30-06-2006 I'm in Sydney for a talk at the Sydney Linux User Group meeting, then Saturday 1-07-2006 morning I keep heading north to Brisbane for HUMBUG. Tuesday next week 04-07-2006 I'm in Sydney again to talk to the Australian Consumer Association, and then off to Melbourne in the evening for LUV. Then back in Sydney for the Unlocking IP conference on Monday and Tuesday 10-07-2006/11-07-2006.

The worst thing about the battlefield moving away from technical issues to legal ones is the amount of time my colleagues and I now spend in that territory. The other side has studied their Sun Tzu, attacking our undefended points. It'd be nice if large monopolies fought fair.

After that I'm off to OLS (I tried really hard to skip it this year, but there's a paravirt merging BOF which Andrew Morton wants me at, and he's right). Might actually get some hacking done, between handing out petitions.

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