Thu, 13 Apr 2006

Kimberlee Weatherall: Market Failure?

For those who have just gained internet access, Kimberlee Weatherall is one of the leading online-aware IP lawyers in Australia, and the person most widely quoted outside legal circles on Australian IP.

She's a lecturer at Melbourne Uni, she's witty and approachable, and above all she's not smarmy (an achievement for any lawyer). And here's a not-particularly-great picture.

I finally figured out what disturbs me most about Kim: her continued singleness is undermining my faith in the free market. She's not been battered by the ugly stick, failed any major personal hygiene classes, suffering from Tourette's Syndrome, or secretly a man (I asked). Now, I'm no economist, but before we seek government intervention (and irritatingly, there's nowhere on the UN website to apply for UNO Special Days), perhaps we should ensure the market is receiving the signals it needs.

If only there were some way of spreading the word to the single men of Melbourne...

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