Fri, 04 Nov 2005

iTunes on Linux!

I installed the Open Source SharpMusique on the weekend (gory tech stuff here), and for the first time browsed the iTunes store. I entered my credit card number, email address and password, and bought a song fine. After some tweaks, bought another single and "The Sound of White" (Alli is a Missy Higgins fan).

So I have only two gripes remaining with iTunes itself. One is fairly superficial, in that I'd like FLACs (although with my ears, a complete waste of bandwidth) or OGGs, instead of the open-but-less-prevalent AAC format. Alli's Rio Karma doesn't play AACs, so her songs have to be recoded. I only listen on my laptop, so it doesn't matter to me.

Second gripe is the lack of range. Of course we know that Sony isn't present in Australia because they're trying to encourage piracy (or some such madness?), but even looking at the US iTunes site (you can browse any country's iTunes site with SharpMusique), it's a damn long way from having everything you might want. With shelf-space not an issue, this is not really excusable: an online store should really shine here. I wanted to get Jean-Michel Jarre's classic Oxygene. Nope. What's interesting is that I probably wouldn't search the CD bins for it, even though it might be less that $17 these days.

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