Sun, 14 Aug 2005

Anti-Commercial Licensing and Wikipedia

Kim Weatherall picked up my comment on the unimportance of blog copyright, which was merely an amplification of her earlier point that most uses of blogs are fair, anyway. One clarification, though: when I said "blog licensing is much less important than software licensing to me" I was referring to this blog, not ones which contain useful information like Kim's.

Meanwhile, more support for my "anti-commercial licensing terms (CC-nc) are harmful", in this case the upcoming Mandriva publishing of Wikipedia. Wikipedia has an interesting array of different image copyright issues to deal with. Mandriva (ex-Mandrake) is a commercial entity which makes quite a good Linux distribution, and wants to put the English and French Wikipedias on their upcoming DVD. Sounds great; they're in the business of packaging, testing and distributing stuff you could assemble yourself, and it's good for Wikipedia.

Of course they have to remove all the images which are non-commerical, but also "Fair use images ... to comply with worldwide copyright standards, not US only.". Replacement images can often be found, but fair-use sound samples such as The Beatles' Yesterday are not so replacable.

Remember, friends don't subject friends to !

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