Hackfest 2005

Competition Details

Details about the competition can be found on the linux.conf.au website. The contest is over.

Competition Results

The source code to the entries are available here.


The latest versions of SC, a client library and server for playing a spell casting game. will be available from this site. This game is based around the rules of the original Spellcast game. The man page from that package is currently the most useful resource for a description of the game.


A copy of the man page for the original game is available here. There are summary sheets available of the gestures to cast spells in Postscript and JPEG.

The following spells are not implemented:

The major known differences between SC and the original game are:

Example AI

test_ai is a simple AI I wrote to help test the SC server code. Its very very dumb, but will give you a vague starting point for writing an AI. This AI will probably improved in the next few weeks as the server matures. It is not against the Hackfest competition rules to use code from the sample AI (or any other part of the SC package

Mailing List

There is a mailing list available for asking questions about the Hackfest. It will also be used to make announcements about future developments for the competition (eg new code releases). You can subscribe to it here: