Hackfest 2004


The latest versions of Tetribot, a helper program and library for writing Tetrinet AIs, will be available from this site. Details about the Linux.conf.au 2004 Hackfest, which is a competition between Tetrinet AI programs, can be found here.

Example AI

Harmless is a simple AI I wrote to help test the tetribot code. Its not very clever (it is especially vulnerable to block bombs) and has at least a few bugs left in it, but it'll give you something to test your bot against before the conference starts.

Its not against the Hackfest competition rules to use code from harmless (note its released under the GPL), though there are much better algorithms documented elsewhere. You can download it from here

Mailing List

There is a tetribot-ai-dev mailing list here for those who want to discuss AI design/strategy.

Competition Results

Geoffrey Bennet's bot Beth won the Hackfest competition. You can download the source to most of the bots entered into competition here.