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Fri, 04 May 2007 - How to make bubbles

What do you do if:

If you're a little leopard you might jump into the clothes hamper, drag out a sock and leave half of it in and half of it out of the bowl so the water drains out by itself.

linden sock

I don't remember teaching her about capillary action....

Wed, 04 Apr 2007 - Kyoto GHG reduction targets

Michael wrote an interesting blog entry about Australia's GHG target under the Kyoto protocol. I've often wondered how Australia managed to negotiate an increase of 8% from 1990 levels when it appeared that other countries were reducing their emmissions. So this time I actually read some of the report on what the EU countries have achieved that he linked to.

Assuming I'm reading it correctly there are a number individiual countries within the EU-15 who have target increases higher than Australia - Ireland (+13%), Spain (+15%), Greece (+25%), Portugal (+27%). Sweden's target is less than Australia's but is also an increase on 1990 levels (+4%). A bit scarily, even with those targets its estimated that Ireland, Portugal and Spain won't make their targets. The report indicates that the heavy lifting of actually reducing GHG emmissions are being done by countries like Luxemburg (-28%), Germany (-21%) and Denmark (-21%).

So in that context, Australia having an 8% increase target doesn't look quite so odd, though I do agree with Michael that given Australia was able to make the target anyway not ratifying Kyoto doesn't make much sense.

Sun, 25 Mar 2007 - Robbed (part 2)

On Friday evening the police forensic people came around and got some really good fingerprints off the window area. In fact they mentioned that the only way they would have got better prints was if the person turned up at a police station to get printed. So if he's in the system already they should be able to get him, though I'm guessing that most of our stuff would have been sold off over the weekend :-(

Spent yesterday chasing up serial numbers and receipts for stuff which got stolen. I'm now definitely a believer in registering products as the manufacturers we did ring were quite happy to give us the serial numbers, and in some cases registering those serial numbers as products which are stolen. I tend to keep boxes of things we buy a lot longer than Kelly would like, but in this case its turned out quite useful as proof of ownership for the insurance company as well as for serial numbers. It is a bit of pity that there is no facility for items such as ipods or ps3s which connect to servers, for ip addresses to be tracked as they'd probably find a lot of stolen electronics that way.

It turns out that the thieves managed to steal about 2 suitcases worth of our stuff. We didn't realise until the next day, but they must have packed our stuff into our suitcases before taking it away. Both of our iPods disappeared as well so we're a bit music-less at the moment. For some strange reason they stole 3 power drills (we had 4 because when Kelly moved in we both had one corded and one cordless drill each) which in terms of $/kg is not particularly good - but perhaps it helps them get into the next house. In general they just took the small but valuable things like my gps (too bad it can't phone home!). Also both our digital cameras so it makes it a bit harder to take photos of boxes etc for the insurance company.

Fri, 23 Mar 2007 - Record short time for PS3 ownership

Think I am close to having the record for the shortest time period for ownership of a PS3. Had pre-ordered it from JB Hi-Fi and picked it up at midnight last night. Got home this afternoon from work to discover that someone had broken in the back window of our house and the PS3 missing :-( Have a few other things such as a camera and tv remote (but they forgot the special charger, so won't be using that for long!).

The guy even tried to climb back into the house in the window while I was on the phone to the police. Kelly scared him off (she can get pretty scary!) and the police sent some cars around pretty quickly, but didn't manage to get him. Luckily the cats are all safe, but obviously they're not very good guard cats - one was hiding under the bed, the other went out the window into the garden and I suspect that the other probably tried to cuddle up to the thief.

So if you're looking at second-hand PS3s in the Canberra area please check the serial number. If its:


... then its actually mine, and I'd appreciate it if you report it to the police ;-)

Oh, and not that I actually got to play any games for very long, but Resistance: Fall of Man is rather cool!

Sat, 04 Nov 2006 - Crikey!


Sun, 26 Feb 2006 - On #ozlabs tonight

[21:46] <chris> kelly: hi honey!
[21:46] <kelly> chris: hi loml
[21:46] <chris> hey do you wanna get hitched?
[21:46] <kelly> depends...
[21:46] <chris> on what?
[21:46] <kelly> got a rock for me?
[21:46]  * chris throws a rock at kelly
[21:47] <kelly> YES!!!!!
[21:47] <chris> :-)
[21:50] <alli> hehehe
[21:51] <kelly> alli: =)))))
[21:51] <alli> thats it Chris, no going back now
[21:52] <chris> alli: apparently :-)
[21:52] <alli> so whens the wedding?
[21:52] <kelly> wedding?  what wedding?  Nobody mentioned a WEDDING!
[21:53] <alli> whens the hitching?
[21:53] <kelly> oh, the hitching...  dunno - a year or so?

Tue, 25 Oct 2005 - iTunes in Australia

Apple has finally opened an iTunes store in Australia. I noticed that the US iTunes store seems to have quite a few more Missy Higgins songs available than the Australian one. Given that Missy Higgins is an Australian singer, it seems to be a rather strange situation. So I ended up buying the few songs I didn't already have from the US store rather than the Australian one.

Fri, 07 Oct 2005 - BCG on TV

Wow, is that the Big Cool Guy on ABC television at the Ainslie NIMBY meeting?

Tue, 04 Oct 2005 - Google News

Google News might just be smarter than advertised. From news.google.com.au earlier today (thanks to Ben for finding this):

Mon, 26 Sep 2005 - The Taken

Kelly made her public singing debut with The Taken at the Pot Belly on Friday night. Hugh took some photos which are up here. They all did really well and I'm really looking forward to their next performance!