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Chris's Random Ramblings

Tue, 13 Dec 2005 - Cat Snack

On the weekend we picked up a pet fish for Gizzy and Pipe and put him in the big bowl the cats use for drinking water. Apparently normally cats won't eat fish in fish bowls, but just in case something goes wrong we've named him Cat Snack, or Snack for short.

Gizzy has had pet fish before, and loves the fishy flavoured water, but ignores Snack. Pipe however is absolutely fascinated with Snack and spends ages following him around the bowl, occasionally sticking a paw in the water. At first Snack made sure he was always on the opposite side of the bowl to Pipe, but now just swims around ignoring him. He does stay pretty close to the bottom, but hopefully in the future will get braver, as previous fish that Kelly has had have been brave enough to nibble on her cats as they drink from the water.

Tue, 13 Sep 2005 - McDonalds for adults

Canberra seems to have many more (per capita) sports and community clubs (like Labor clubs) than Adelaide where I grew up. I was talking about them to a work colleague today and realised that the best way to describe them is "McDonalds for Adults". Cheap, dodgy food with poker machines and big screen televisions substituting for playgrounds and happy meal toys. I wonder if the meme "Sporting clubs are the McDonalds for Adults" will spread at all.