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Chris's Random Ramblings

Wed, 09 Mar 2005 - Cats can fetch!

I'd heard and read that it was possible to teach a cat to fetch, but was rather skeptical that I could teach Pipe to do so. Amazingly he has started playing fetch without much prompting on my part at all. For a while he was carrying his favourite toys around the house in his mouth, and then began dropping them near me. He's always been a bit of a sucker for chasing a ball when you throw it, but recently he's decided its also fun to bring it back again. I haven't needed to give him any food as a reward for bringing his toys back, and if anything, seems rather disinterested in food when playing. Now if only I could teach him not to jump onto the dining room table (or at least not do it when I'm around which is probably the most you can expect from a cat).

Wed, 09 Mar 2005 - Hackfest 0.3 Release

I have just uploaded the 0.3 version of the code for the Linux.conf.au 2005 hackfest competition. Lots more testing is required, but a fairly complex 2 player game is now possible.

Valgrind has been extremely useful in finding bugs in the code. There are some bugs in the code that I think would have hung around for a long time unnoticed without they help of this wonderful debugging tool.

Sun, 09 Jan 2005 - Hackfest 2005

I've been working on the code for LCA 2005 Hackfest. Details on the competition won't be released until more of the infrastructure is completed. Similar to last year, one of the aims of the competition will be to write an AI program that plays a game. Unlike last year it will be a turn based multi-player game, and there will be a second, separate section in the competition, with the goal being to develop a GUI interface for humans to play or observe.