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Chris's Random Ramblings

Mon, 29 Nov 2004 - Speed debugging

After mysteriously slightly toasting my 270, I've been using a G5 to test the K42 enhancements I've been working on. On this machine once a kernel is stopped to attach debugger, the fan control software is no longer active, and the fans begin to speed up. Before not too long, the fans are going so fast it sounds like the machine is about to take off. So the result is that I have about 2-3 minutes to use the debugger before fellow cubicle workmates start making comments. Kind of adds a little excitement to the standard "stare at the code and tweak the debugger routine".

The machine actually sits in Jeremy's cubicle, so I expect he'll be rather happy when we get a computer controlled power strip and can move the G5 into the machine room.