kopete meanwhile plugin


The Kopete Meanwhile plugin enables Kopete (the KDE Instant Messenger client) to connect to Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging servers, as used within IBM.

The libmeanwhile project is used for low-level protocol functions.

These contributions are available under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).


The current version of kopete has base support for the meanwhile protocol, using libmeanwhile version 1.0.2. However, since the kopete tree is currently in code freeze, recent developments are available here, as separate patches. Some recent changes:


My current patch series is here: kopete-meanwhile-svn-patches.tar.gz. This contains a tarball of my patches directory. To apply it to your kopete tree:

[jk@pokey kdenetwork]$ tar -zxf kopete-meanwhile-svn-patches.tar.gz
[jk@pokey kdenetwork]$ quilt push -a

or, if you don't have the quilt program:

[jk@pokey kdenetwork]$ tar -zxf kopete-meanwhile-svn-patches.tar.gz
[jk@pokey kdenetwork]$ patch -p1 < patches/all.patch

Don't forget to make -f Makefile.cvs after applying the patches.

The file patches/version.text contains information about the verion of the tarball (packaging date, and which kopete svn tree it was last built against).

Because this is my development series, things are not always guaranteed to work. I am interested in hearing about any problems you have; just email me!


These packages provide a backport of the above meanwhile updates for kopete found in common distributions. They're still behind the above patches, but should provide a working base for meanwhile support.


Support for the "breezy badger" release (5.10). Install these two packages:

Or, to build from source:

development plans

Depending on demand, the following features are planned:

legal things

IBM, Lotus and Sametime are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines or Lotus Development Corporation.

The Meanwhile and the Kopete/Meanwhile plugin projects are neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with Lotus or IBM.

My contributions to the kopete meanwhile project are not endorsed by my employer, and are provided on an own-time basis.