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linux.conf.au day one

18/04/2005, [ lca2005 / ] [ link ]

The first (full) day of linux.conf.au has just finished, it's now just the organisers left here, along with a few delegates hanging around for the free bandwidth.

Everything went well, there were only a few minor problems and alterations required. Most of the delgates have registered now, so things shouldn't be as hectic tomorrow morning. I haven't been able to see any of the talks, except for about 5 minutes of Bdale at the Embedded Miniconf. It'd be great to see a keynote or two, but that depends how busy things are in the next few days

There's now a lca wiki, set up by Ryan Verner - I'm hoping there'll be lots of activity on this while we have around 500 talented Linux hackers in the same city!