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Chris's Random Ramblings

Wed, 27 Apr 2005 - Hackfest Addendum

I mentioned to a few people at the conference that I was thinking of using the same codebase for the Hackfest at next years Linux.conf.au. So to be fair I thought I should mention it more publically as well.

I'm still thinking about different ways we could run the competition - perhaps a cyborg type competition where humans play against each other with the help of AI programs. I'd welcome any ideas that people may have. In the meantime there is quite a lot of work to be done on the server. It really needs a test suite and given the experience of running the competition this year there are quite a few features that I want to add in addition to the standard spellcast rules.

Wed, 27 Apr 2005 - Ballooning Fun over Canberra

The Linux.conf.au 2005 organising committee arranged for speakers at the conference to go on an early morning balloon ride over Canberra as a thank-you gift for speaking at the conference. On Thursday morning, Kelly and I went along with some of the speakers, meeting at the Hyatt hotel at 5:30am.

We drove along with the basket and uninflated balloon to a field near Canberra airport where our balloon and 2 others were setup for flight. The winds were blowing in different direction compared to the previous time I had been on a balloon ride, and this time we headed westward over parliament house towards Schrivner Dam. It was a beautifully clear morning and visibility to the surrounding mountains very clear.

ballooning in canberra

About halfway through the flight, there was a rather strong smell of burning hair, and I turned around to see Kelly patting at her hair which was on fire. It turns out that some leaves had fallen from inside the balloon and caught fire as they fell through the burners. Luckily Kelly only lost a small amount of hair. A small part of my jacket was melted as well. Afterwards the pilot claimed that it has never happened in a balloon he has piloted before, though apparently someone else was singed during the inflation of the balloon the next morning.