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Chris's Random Ramblings

Wed, 09 Mar 2005 - Cats can fetch!

I'd heard and read that it was possible to teach a cat to fetch, but was rather skeptical that I could teach Pipe to do so. Amazingly he has started playing fetch without much prompting on my part at all. For a while he was carrying his favourite toys around the house in his mouth, and then began dropping them near me. He's always been a bit of a sucker for chasing a ball when you throw it, but recently he's decided its also fun to bring it back again. I haven't needed to give him any food as a reward for bringing his toys back, and if anything, seems rather disinterested in food when playing. Now if only I could teach him not to jump onto the dining room table (or at least not do it when I'm around which is probably the most you can expect from a cat).

Wed, 09 Mar 2005 - Hackfest 0.3 Release

I have just uploaded the 0.3 version of the code for the Linux.conf.au 2005 hackfest competition. Lots more testing is required, but a fairly complex 2 player game is now possible.

Valgrind has been extremely useful in finding bugs in the code. There are some bugs in the code that I think would have hung around for a long time unnoticed without they help of this wonderful debugging tool.